Verizon Wireless To Charge By Data

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One of the things that was supposed to be good about so-called 3G services was the ability to charge by data usage instead of time. This way, in theory, you could always stay connected, and only pay for what you “use”. So, a lot of people complained when Verizon launched their not-really 3G service with pricing by the minute. Admittedly, the issue was one with how their billing systems were set up, but it still didn’t look good. They’ve been pretty quick to change that around, and they’ll now offer business users the ability to pay by data. Of course, the pricing is still quite high (though, lower than I expected) at $35/month for 10/MB. For it to really catch on, I still think the carriers are going to have to move to some sort of flat-rate pricing (like everyone else in the internet access business).

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