New Strategy For Dealilng With Script Kiddies: Wait Until They Turn 18

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Not exactly sure what’s going on here, but from the description in this article it sounds as though this kid defaced a bunch of sites two years ago when he was 16. He was arrested at the time, but not charged. Now, two years later, just after he turns 18, he’s been charged with 11 felony counts of computer crime for the cracks. It sounds like they waited until he reached adult status to charge him. Not that he probably doesn’t deserve some punishment. He defaced a bunch of sites, and then offered to secure them in exchange for a free laptop. Of course, to do that, he had to fill out a job application – which gave away all of his personal info which made the FBI’s job much easier.

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Comments on “New Strategy For Dealilng With Script Kiddies: Wait Until They Turn 18”

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Russ N. Winter says:

Not competent to stand trial

Seeing as he was dumb enough to fill out a job application and give his real contact info, he may not be competent to stand trial. But to be fair he was just a “kid” at the time and not too experienced. 🙂

He hasn’t done any hacking for the last two years? Maybe he learned his lesson, grew up a bit and is now a good citizen. If so, I feel they should leave him alone. If not, maybe he needs more intervention. I am sure the DA knows more about his current activities than is being reported in the media.

thecaptain says:

Re: Not competent to stand trial

While I don’t believe that they should put him in jail for life OR give him the death penalty…neither do I believe as you stated that he should be left alone.

Fact is, this guy committed a crime. Another fact is that NOT ONLY did he commit one type of crime (he defaced websites) he also used his skills to extort somethings (ie: a free laptop) from companies (or try to anyway).

I would hope that in the last two years he has grown up and has learned the difference between right and wrong. However, I’m a cynic and I don’t believe he has…yet.

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