Continuing Saga Of Sucks Sites

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We’ve talked before about lawsuits and legal issues involving various “sucks sites” (websites using the domain or to point out why they dislike said company). Here’s yet another story of a guy who has now been allowed to keep his sucks site online while his case is being appealed. The interesting thing is that his case started when he put up a fan site of a shopping center. The owners of the shopping center (The Taubman Co.) sued him (for the fan site!). He was forced to take down the site and then set up a site called They sued again, and the local court ordered the site to be taken down. The federal appeals court has said that the site can remain up during the appeal. Also amusing is the fact that guy has set up to explain the story. Gifford, Krass, Groh, Sprinkle, Anderson & Citkowski is the law firm defending The Taubman Co. In the article a lawyer is quoted as saying that he believes Taubman should lose the case since “sucks” sites have been found to be protected. While this is true in some cases, there have been a few ridiculous cases where that was not found to be true.

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Comments on “Continuing Saga Of Sucks Sites”

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The Misanthrope (user link) says:

Sucks Sites

The sites’ very names bring a lack of credibility to the table, which should prompt those targeted by them to give some thought to their response: Do we sue, and possibly wind up drawing even more negative attention and looking like “bullies”, or ignore, and hope anyone who happens upon the site doesn’t take it seriously?
It’s a shame that some feel a need to resort to such names, since many of the sites do carry worthy material. On my own website (such as it is), where political correctness is not a consideration and I’ll gleefully place links to anything negative about Redmond or the media, I do draw the line at refusing to link to any sites which resort to “disneysucks” or “f*ckbillgates” tactics.

Devboy00 says:

WOW! what an interesting read

I just finished reading the ENTIRE site, and found it fascinating. This poor guy is being beaten about the head by a large law firm, and yet he manages to defend himself, AND find flaws in their case (Which has no merit, by the way) even though he is just a poor geek like myself with no legal training at all. I am impressed that someone will go to those lengths to maintain their honor and to fight against that sort of legal bludgeoning.

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