Government Blames Vendors For Bad Computer Security

from the selling-lemons dept

A new government study says that people break into government computers mostly because vendors sell crappy computer systems full of security holes and vulnerabilities. Is that surprising? No, not really. The question is what will they do about it. The report mentions that Sandia National Labs which now will only buy systems explicitly deemed as “safe” (though, the article does not explain how the vendors designate a product as “safe”).

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Comments on “Government Blames Vendors For Bad Computer Security”

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1 Comment
Matt says:

Bad Security

“But he praised the efforts of Sandia National Laboratories, which now has a purchasing policy of buying systems deemed explicitly “safe” by vendors.” (‘Quote from Do OS Vendors Sell Lemons?’)
Is this meant to distinguish from the vendors that explicitly state that their product is “unsafe”? Now all we need is for vendors to state that their software is “bug-free” and we’ll be in good shape.

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