Big Ads Gaining In Popularity

from the go-CNET dept

It seems that CNET did a good job with the new ad formats they invented. They’re catching on like wildfire. Everyone, it seems, is adding the new ad format. I actually don’t mind the larger ads, as long as they’re done the way CNET does them in the conext of the article. Any more intrusive ad, however, whether they’re a popup or one of these ads that take over your screen, still strikes me as being too much.

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Comments on “Big Ads Gaining In Popularity”

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2 lazy to register says:

The way these people think

Yes, the current ads aren’t atrocious. Give them time. People will get used to them and stop noticing them. Clickthrus will drop, and next thing you know it’s big ads that flash! Then it will be big flashing ads that pop-up a new window if you mouse over them. Unobtrusive advertising is anathema to these folks.

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