Veteran Internet Users More About Quality Than Quantity

from the time-to-get-serious dept

A new study says that as people get more used to the internet, they use it less – but with more of a purpose. “Veteran” internet users spend less time online, but do more practical things with their surfing time. They don’t chat as much, or email friends and relatives as much. However, setting up travel arrangements and buying and selling stocks suddenly are easily done online. I wonder how much of this is simply a result of the dot com bust? It used to be that every other person or company was putting some randomly cool thing online that would make it fun to play around with (and to send to friends). That’s becoming slightly more rare these days – so instead people just spend their online time doing more established things. Plus, it seems like there are some folks out there who believed (a bit) too strongly in the internet and lost quite a bit of money investing in dot coms. So, now they’re compensating by being extra hateful towards anything at all having to do with the internet.

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