The Great Blogging Troll Game

from the have-fun dept

Oh my. It’s no secret that I was never a huge fan of the Cluetrain crap that was popular for a few seconds here and there, but I didn’t necessarily think it was worth posting John C. Dvorak’s trashing of it last week (why did it take him nearly 3 years to discover and then trash Cluetrain?). The whole thing seemed like a huge troll to get into some sort of battle with the Cluetrain folks and other random hangers on. And it worked. Some of the responses have been very amusing. Now, I’m posting my favorite. Andrew Orlowski from the Register has written a long rambling response to Dvorak and those who responded to Dvorak in a way that makes you realize this is all a huge joke – but only some of the folks involved realize it. Good luck figuring out who.

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