Surprise Non-Email Spam In Windows XP

from the just-what-we-need dept

Isabel writes “ is reporting that there is a way in Windows NT, 2000 and XP to spam users without sending an email. The spam uses Micosoft’s Messenger (not to be confused with MSN Messenger), a service used by sys admins to get status on their servers and clients. With a little bit of port sniffing and a batch file, Messenger can be used by spammers to show advertising. explains how messenger spam works and how you can stop it.”

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Comments on “Surprise Non-Email Spam In Windows XP”

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ltlw0lf says:

Ah, man, who told the media!!!

We’ve been doing this for centuries, smbclient -M works great for social engineering users too…

Not that I use it for anything illegal…it is just funny as hell (in a BOFH kinda way,) sending a message to a user on one of my servers notifying them that I am watching them closely on all the pr0n they are looking at… Of course, we also use them to send jokes around the office.

Doc Latte says:

Re: Ah, man, who told the media!!!

This stupid spamming scum sucking swine actually left me an 800 number to call!!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call 888-268-2841 and tell her what you think of her spamming ways!! Her name is Deb Balser and the crap she is selling is some multi-level vitamin scam. Feel free to post this her number anywhere you like. Call as often as you can! It should run up her phone bill quite a bit! ASLO after your message let her know that DR Latte told you to call her (I want this bitch to know who did this to her)

Thank you

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