StreamCast Says Kazaa Sunk Morpheus

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As the mystery of just why Morpheus stopped working last week continues to get weirder, StreamCast has changed their story. Originally they said that Kazaa hadn’t licensed them the latest software they needed (and suggested they were holding out for too much money). But late last week, the story changed to Kazaa deliberately setting up an attack script that made Morpheus clients unusable. That’s quite a claim. Kazaa denies all of this – though they did have a “convert your Morpheus system to Kazaa” link up pretty damn quickly. Morpheus has since released their new version that is on the Gnutella network instead of FastTrack – but no one is sure how well it will work. By the way, the best rumor (and completely unsubstantiated) that I heard about this whole mess is that Sharman Networks, the unknown Australian company that bought Kazaa a few months back is actually a “front” for the RIAA to see if they really could shut down the FastTrack network. Update: Kazaa now says Morpheus was shut out because they had not paid their bills. Of course, they still haven’t explained technically how they could have been shut out, since the claim has always been that Kazaa has no control over the actual network.

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