Salon's Take On WiFi

from the it's-WiFi-week dept

Apparently, it’s WiFi week. First the NY Times has their article about WiFi hotspots and now Salon chimes in with their own version of basically the same article looking at WiFi hotspots and what it will take to make the technology more ubiquitous. Once again, lots of attention is paid to various people who generously provide free WiFi access, and also to Boingo. This article talks a little more about the possibility of a wireless carrier eventually stepping in to put some money into this, but no one believes that’s going to happen very soon. In the meantime, I still haven’t been able to find any reasonable open WiFi access points in the Washington DC area. It’s amazing how clueless people working at hotels can be when I ask about something such as internet access. You would think, by now, most hotels would realize it’s a service worth offering… and offering it wirelessly seems like a very easy way to do so.

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