The Death Of Digital Rights Management

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A MIT Tech Review article about how many “digital rights management” companies have failed. They say that it’s because they’re too difficult and cumbersome for most people to use. I have another suggestion. It might be because consumers absolutely hate having their fair use rights restricted by some company that is charging them too much in the first place (plus to make matters worse, they’re too difficult and combersome to use). The article suggests that some new companies have the technology to overcome many of the difficulties – but that doesn’t mean that users are going to run out and embrace what seems to be the most annoying technology around these days.

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Comments on “The Death Of Digital Rights Management”

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1 Comment
agent orange (user link) says:

Check out my thoughts on DRM

If you go the “Contrarian Views” section of my website – you can read my thoughts about DRM. It is an asinine technology. People need to share information – not have it restricted. There is an old law somewhere that states that the power of information grows exponentially when it is shared, but diminishes exponentially when it is hidden.

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