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Brian Mooney writes “I ran across a press release at Google describing “Google Compute”. It seems that Google is getting into the distributed… err… grid computing game now, adding this function to their Google Toolbar. The first good cause that they will donate toolbar users’ CPU cycles to is Folding@home, the nonprofit Stanford University research project related to protein research.” Interesting. What’s odd is I can’t find a date on that release, and in fact, I can’t find it mentioned anywhere else (it’s not in their list of press releases), so I don’t know if this is brand new or really old. Is this a Juno strategy where they’re now going to try to sell your cycles to the highest bidder?

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Comments on “Grid-Googling”

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wonko (user link) says:

Can't seem to find it...

I’ve been using the Google toolbar for quite some time, and when I read this I figured the distributed computing stuff must be in a new version or something, so I downloaded the latest version. Still no distributed computing, though. I concur with the other comment…this seems to be a closed beta for now. But still a very cool idea.

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