Users Pissed Off At PhotoPoint Survey

from the as-they-should-be dept

Last week we pointed out that bankrupt PhotoPoint asking former users if they’re willing to pay to get their pictures back was the equivalent of them taking the pictures hostage and it seems that many PhotoPoint users agree. The facts are pretty straightforward: PhotoPoint made people pay a fee for a service to store their photographs. Those photographs remain the property of the folks who paid the fee and uploaded them. PhotoPoint knew they were in financial trouble, but did not warn their users to download their pictures while they had the chance. Instead, they just shut off the servers – and don’t seem to be offering any refunds for customers who prepaid for their service. Now, they’re holding those pictures hostage, and offering to sell them back for $25 for a CD-ROM full of pictures. If I were a former customer, I think I would talk to the FTC or sue to get my pictures back.

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