SpeedPass Technology Built Into Watches

from the making-life-even-faster dept

Over a year ago, McDonalds started letting people buy food using the Mobil Speedpass device that people were using to quickly pay for gas. Apparently, having to whip out the keychain to pay for gas or your Big Mac wasn’t fast enough. Now, Timex is working to put that SpeedPass technology directly into their watches. You’ll be able to buy all sorts of things just by waving your hand.

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Comments on “SpeedPass Technology Built Into Watches”

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Michelle says:

No Subject Given

Uhh… doesn’t anyone see any future problems with this? You go to check the time and … oops … bought that thing you happened to be standing next to. You lift your arm to wave hello to someone and don’t realize you are standing next to one of the scanners and so oops… you just bought some more stuff …

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