NY Times Says Weblogs Are A Fad

from the of-course-they-are dept

I guess the NY Times wants to win next year’s “Bloggie Award” for best article about blogs. They’ve come up with another article about blogs saying absolutely nothing new, and suggesting that blogs are a fad. While it’s sure to be linked, dissected, and trashed from various weblogs (if it hasn’t already been), I still find it amusing to see how the mainstream media has been trying to get their head around the blog concept for so long. Update: Dan Gillmor responds as a professional journalist who has a weblog.

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Comments on “NY Times Says Weblogs Are A Fad”

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bob says:

we don't need more spam

i especially like the part where the blogger-turned-spammer proudly boasts that “if you want to communicate an idea, e-mail it to people, rather than forcing them to log on to your site.” Forcing??? the halmark of a good weblog is that people WANT to return and are given the choice. How many of his 50,000 e-mails end up unread, anyway? I still get stories e-mailed to me from the NYTimes, but i stopped reading them a long time ago.

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