Has The AMT Caused People To Kill Themselves?

from the scary dept

An interesting obituary of sorts about a guy who may have killed himself because of his huge AMT tax bill. Folks looking to reform the AMT (and it should be reformed) are using this to press their case. If you haven’t been following this at all, it’s a weird tax law that has ended up punishing a lot of rank and file workers who excercised their stock options when the price was really high, but didn’t sell until the stock was really low – at which point they still had to pay taxes on the stock at the high price. It’s not clear that was the real reason for the suicide, but it appears to have had some impact.

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Comments on “Has The AMT Caused People To Kill Themselves?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

-1 troll

Friends said Fred wasn’t close to his family, walking away from his marriage in 1971 and leaving behind an infant son, Jeffrey, whom he never saw again.

boo fscking hoo. this guy was a turd. good riddence to someone who obviously was just another human loser.

let’s recount his good points:
(a) smart, but not smart enough to understand how the AMT works.
(b) dead beat dad
(c) committed suicide (meaning he couldn’t cope.)

L O S E R .

god – this site is the end all be all of a whiney editor.

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