Cyber Lovin' : Gender Relations in Post Internet Relationships

from the pop-psych dept

Stephen writes “Futurelooks explores our culture’s shift from using the internet for communication, to using the Internet as a replacement for social activity. The socially inept are getting a new lease on life, albeit a virtual one. The Internet, once the domain of hackers, crackers, and the like, has, for a while now, been attracting the ?other? type. Social butterflies can hang up their cocktail dresses, because the new cocktail room is now the Internet.” Hmm. I like the folks at Futurelooks, but this one reads kinda like a pop psych article written about the internet in 1996. It seems like whoever wrote it knows how they use the internet, and decided to jump to their own conclusions about how everyone else does to. There are an awful lot of assumptions in the article that mostly haven’t been backed up by actual research. Still an interesting read, but I would have enjoyed a fresher perspective and maybe some more research.

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Comments on “Cyber Lovin' : Gender Relations in Post Internet Relationships”

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1 Comment
Fred C. Dobbs says:

Yes and no

It can be both a replacement and another way to arrange physical meetings.

Those who want to stay inside yet have social contact can do that. On the other hand I have found the internet as a way to make new friends and get together with them.

For example, I have a classic VW van and there is a large support group on line. We travel to events, get together at cafes to look at each other’s vans and such. Sure we could have done that in the old way via newsletters, but the internet has made it easier.

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