Lobbying For Satellite TV Deal

from the it-could-go-either-way dept

A very interesting article about all the lobbying going on from both sides concerning whether or not the EchoStar-DirecTV merger should be approved. It seems that everyone has an opinion, and people on both sides are making valid points. However, in the end, a lot of it is personal. Rupert Murdoch is pissed off that he didn’t win. A lot of people don’t seem to like EchoStar’s Charlie Ergen. The question is whether or not the merger creates an unfair monopoly. Of course, that depends on how you define the market. My first thought was that satellite TV clearly competes with cable TV – so there’s no way it’s a monopoly. However, for people who have no access to cable, they’re complaining that they’ll only have one choice of satellite provider. Of course, I only have one choice of cable provider right now, so I don’t see how that’s any different…

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