SafeWeb Not So Safe

from the and-they-don't-care dept

Media and geek-darling SafeWeb, which let people surf the web anonymously, until they started to run out of money, is now admitting that their anonymous service wasn’t so anonymous and they have no plans or desire to fix it. The quotes from Safeweb are particularly amusing, since they seem awfully defensive. Considering the company promised over and over again that their system was “completely” private, I think people have a right to complain. And, instead of apologizing, they get defensive: “Every anonymizing service has bugs. Let’s start with that premise. Let’s not single out SafeWeb as worse than anyone else. It’s easy to say that we have more bugs because we do more things.” Um. Yes, that’s true, but if it’s not what you promoted it to be, you should at least apologize.

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