Most People Think The Microsoft Settlement Sucks

from the well,-duh dept

It seems that about half of the public comments received concerning the Microsoft settlement don’t approve of the settlement. About one quarter are in favor of it, and another quarter have no opinion (why they wrote in with no opinion, I’m not sure). Of course, you do have to wonder how many of the comments were genuine public sentiment and how many came from overzealous lobbyists. The rest of the article looks at the odd position the judge is in: she has a settlement case that the public dislikes, she has another case from the dissenting states that obviously affects and is effected by the first case, and then she has to keep an eye on the AOL-Netscape lawsuit against Microsoft as well. It’s going to take some tricky moves to make all of that work, and get a fair result out of it. Update: This AP article has more details about the emails sent in. Apparently only 10% of the total were actually considered substantive. The rest were either angry rants (“I hate Microsoft”) or other such useless responses. Apparently, some idiots even sent in porn.

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