More Programmers Looking For A Way Out

from the enough-already dept

Yesterday, on a mailing list I’m on, a notoriously unsatisfied techie announced that at age 28 he was passing the “mandatory retirement” age for a techie, and was looking for what completely different careers might be more satisfying. It seems he’s not the only one looking for a way out. A new study shows that many techies are looking to change careers. This isn’t really surprising, of course. Most of those folks probably became techies because it was a hot field with lots of jobs, and the chance to get very wealthy – and not because they really liked the work. Now that those other incentives are gone, they realize they don’t like what they’re doing. Meanwhile, the hard core techies keep plugging away, and enjoying their work. There is a good quote from one out-of-work techie, though, who says, “Programming is still fun, but being out of work generally has the effect of producing some erosion in career satisfaction.”

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