Trekkies Get Their Own ISP

from the as-long-as-they-stay-there dept

While there are a few examples of similar services, I’ve been a bit surprised that there haven’t been more “private label” ISPs, which are simply branded versions of larger ISPs. The latest is Paramount and Earthlink coming together to create a Star Trek ISP. That’s right. If you’re one of those obsessive Trekkies, you can now sign up for your very own Trekkie ISP, complete with all sorts of crap that only a Trekkie could want: a Trek themed browser, a email address, and access to “exclusive” Trek-related content. There are too many jokes I could insert here at the expense of Trekkies, but they’ve probably suffered enough by this point.

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Comments on “Trekkies Get Their Own ISP”

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i am jack's colon says:

I am the all singing all dancing crAP OF THE WORLD

Ok, the “trekkie-bashing” has to stop. As a Trek fan who is currently having to endure the crys of thousands of meatheads screaming “Yeaaah, Patriots, baby!!”, I’m going to have to take a stand here.

What EXACTLY makes a Trek ISP so unusual? If it were a sports-themed ISP, would you be snickering and rolling your eyes? Have you seen to what lengths sports fans will go to celebrate their favorite teams? It outdoes Trek fandom, times one thousand.

There is such a bias about Trek fans (and SciFi fans in general) that it really is starting to get on my nerves. Recently, DJ’s at a local radio station did a bit about the two guys currently waiting in line for Star Wars tickets (unusual, I will admit). They made fun of these two guys claiming them to “two guys who will NEVER get laid”. Yet a few minutes later, they confessed that they all cried like babies at the superbowl. Yes, I’m sure the women are just beating down your door.

So, think about it. Just who is the more obsessive fan here? Who is willing to go to literally ANY lengths (including rioting) to celebrate their favorite pastimes?

Think of it another way: Walk down ANY street in America and you’ll see people wearing sports uniform jerseys. No one gives them a second look. If I were to walk down the street in my Trek costume, people would point and laugh, and inevitably attempt to repeat that Shatner SNL skit to me.

Just exactly what makes me different from the sports fans?

Brandon (user link) says:

Re: I am the all singing all dancing crAP OF THE W

If some football fan walked down the street in the full football gear (including helmet) or looked like some of the ridiculous Packer’s fans (a big cheese wedge on their head, wearing green and yellow face paint or a green and yellow painted “jersey” in place of an actual shirt) they would be stared out just as much as you in your trek costume.

If, on the other hand, you were just wearing some trek t-shirt, in many places you wouldn’t get a second glance (granted, maybe that’s just in Silly Valley, but the point stands)


my thought says:

Re: Re: Ok Great

Yeah but if you walked down the street in just you Trekie Shirt (or blouse) you might just look
pretty sharp.
You know one of those swift poly-blend items with the sporty geometric desing and the flashy insignia (desinger label) and your favorite jeans
I think that would look pretty sharp

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