People Don't Understand The Benefits Of Home Networking

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A new study has shown that most consumers don’t understand why they would want a home network, and companies that make such products need to do a better job marketing their offerings. It seems that many home network promotions focus on the speed and not why a home network is actually useful. Sometimes I wonder where these marketing people come from.

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Comments on “People Don't Understand The Benefits Of Home Networking”

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Rigor Mortis says:

Misunderstood sales figures

From the article:six percent of U.S. households that own PCs have a home network
Those six percent are tech loving geeks or know someone who is. I have a hard time seeing that figure grow much without a new killer app. Today, what good is it to them? The grief outweighs the benefit for the average consumer. Geeks (me, you?) love grief.

ScooterBoy says:

geeky? sure. useful? definitely.


so i’m sitting here in bed on my laptop, which is connected through my wireless network to the DSL router.. the imac in the corner is playing a streaming broadcast, my roommate is in the dining room doing a crossword puzzle online whilst a friend is checking email from the other computer.

yes, i’m geeky, but is it really unfeasible that home networking become ubiquitous in the near future? i’m not networked cuz it’s “cool”… i’m networked cuz it’s “useful”.

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