Even The Rich And Powerful Want Free Gadgets

from the can't-get-enough-free-gadgets dept

Ah, it’s amazing what a free gadget will make a person do. While I’m ignoring most articles about the World Economic Forum in NYC this week, this NY Times article strikes me as particularly amusing. It seems that the rich and powerful folks attending the Forum are being given a handheld computer, called the Davos Companion that has scheduling information and can apparently do a neat thing or two. The actual device is never really described in the article – but it seems the event planners did a bit of a screwup in figuring out how to get the devices to attendees. So, these rich and powerful folks ended up standing in long lines waiting to get their free gadget. Some were simply too powerful and couldn’t take the wait, but most were willing to wait around for an hour or so to get their hands on the gizmo.

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