Nokia Says Users Want Ads On Their Mobile Phones

from the lies,-damn-lies,-and-statistics dept

You can get a study to prove anything. Nokia is now saying that people actually want mobile phone spam according to a study they commissioned. The fact is that if you wanted you can write up such a survey to easily get the answers you wanted, by twisting the questions around and making it sound as though nothing bad was happening. However, once people start getting bombarded with advertising messages on their phone, users might be signing a different tune. If people hate pop ups intruding with their surfing experience, just think of what it will be like as you’re walking down the street and your phone bugs you. Or you’re driving in your car and the phone spits out a useless ad. Suddenly, it will be like a life filled with pop up ads. Update: In somewhat related news, ringing mobile phones are the most annoying thing in the workplace, according to a different study.

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Comments on “Nokia Says Users Want Ads On Their Mobile Phones”

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msykes says:


Wow, Nokia must think people are really dumb if they think we will believe that survey!

Oh yeah, I dated a girl once, and her and all of her friends believed any statistic they heard, so I bet they would be all over this one.

Please, can I have some ads on my cell phone, because sometimes radio stations play songs while I’m in the car, and then I can’t learn any more about easy weight loss solutions!


Brandon (user link) says:

mobile phones and spam

I actually got a spam sms message on my sprint phone today… I’m not overly thrilled with it, and it seems stupid given that the message was chopped off so there was nothing useful in it. I imagine it was just regular email spam to the email->sms gateway, but it does not bode well for
the future.

As for the ringing mobile phones… the major annoyance I’ve found is when people leave their mobile phones sitting on their desk and walk away. Usually, a phone will be muffled by a pocket or a purse, and will only ring once or twice… but when it rings 10 times sitting out in the open… I want to hurt the owner.


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