Way To Kill Spam?

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The guy behind OSOpinion decided that one way to get rid of some of the spam he gets was just to use the fax # in a spam to fax a page telling the spammer to remove his address from his database. Then, while faxing it, he taped one edge of the paper to the other making an endless spool and letting it run through the fax machine many times. This seems like a waste of time to me. First of all, if I were the spammer, I’d just make sure he got onto more spam lists (because he’s just proven his address is valid) to piss him off more. Plus, he has to pay for a long fax call. He’s better off signing up for SpamCop or something similar.

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Comments on “Way To Kill Spam?”

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1 Comment
Lee says:

800 numbers

A lot of spam references an 800 number to call. Call it, but call it from a pay phone so they don’t get your phone number. You will probably get voice mail, but you can leave a message telling them exactly how you fell about spam.

Contact your elected officials, particularly at the State and Federal level, and tell them to do something about spam. There are some Federal anti-spam regulations pending, but they don’t seem to have much teeth. Several states have anti-spam regulations, but there is little they can do for spam coming across the border. I have noticed that more and more spam is routed through servers off-shore, but reference USA businesses. Anti-spam regs will need to address the foreign aspect somehow, maybe filtering spam out as it comes ashore.

I use SpamCop, it does give me satisfaction that most of the junk mail never reaches my inbox. However, I shouldn’t have to pay for this service, spam should be stopped at the source.

The cat is out of the bag, spam will never go away, but we can control it to some extent.

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