Amazon Is No Walmart

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Ok. Maybe Jeff Bezos brought this on himself, but following the surprise notice that actually made a profit, Business 2.0 has an article detailing why Amazon is no Walmart. Of course, Bezos has claimed many times that he wants to be the Walmart of the internet, so I guess it’s only fair. However, I’m surprised at how much glee reporters have been taking in beating up on Amazon over the past year or so (after years of giving them way too much credit). Of course Amazon is no Walmart right now. To make a direct comparison is silly and really not particularly useful. However, it is still worth watching to see what Amazon does next to grow and build on this profitable quarter.

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Comments on “Amazon Is No Walmart”

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bcd says:

wrong again

There are indeed two types of retailers — only I make the cut at those that make money consistently and those who don’t. The undisputed leader of the first category (and, not coincidentally, the king of the strategy Bezos now emulates) is Wal-Mart (WMT).

it might behoove Adam Lashinsky, being the business genius that he is to check his facts.

in terms of revenue, Exxon is the world’s largest company and easily outstrips Wal-mart (

seriously – why post this drivel. Business 2.0 is a hack webzine at best.

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