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Going Mac For A Month

from the good-luck dept

David Coursey over at ZDNet has decided that he’s going to try to only use a Mac for a month and see if he can handle a non-Windows world. I don’t really see what the big deal is. He makes it out as if he’s venturing into unchartered waters – but there are tons of people who make the switch all the time without any problems. The fact is that most basic functions work just about the same on either system – it’s just a few specialized applications that really require one or the other.

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Comments on “Going Mac For A Month”

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1 Comment
msykes says:


I have to agree, most people can do most of the things they need to do quite easily on either system (I mean Office is available for both). I think though (and Apple’s new campaign to debunk PC myths suggests) that a lof of people just aren’t aware of this. Maybe the author is aware of it, and is merely presenting it as uncharted waters because a lot of people really think that’s what the Mac is.


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