Nokia Brick Coming Stateside

from the is-it-too-late? dept

The Nokia Communicator (often called the “Brick”) is finally going to be introduced in the US later this year. I wonder, however, if it will catch on. While it’s extremely popular in Europe (more popular than the Palm), it does have some drawbacks. For one, it’s huge (hence the nickname). To me, it looks more like something you would use to replace your laptop, rather than to replace your phone/PDA. Also, new products in the US that are cheaper and smaller are getting ready to hit the market. The Handspring Treo and the Danger Hiptop seem like they might make more sense for people who don’t want to be weighted down with the brick. I’ve seen the brick from someone who works at Nokia, and it is definitely a very cool, and very feature-filled device. However, I couldn’t see myself ever carrying it around.

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