So Much For High Tech Unions

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Remember when tech companies were suddenly scared to death of employees organizing unions? Well, that has all gone away. Most of the dot coms that were trying to organize have gone out of business. The call center at Amazon that was trying to organize is gone. Unions are focused on more traditional areas to organize. Everyone has a reason why unions failed to take hold in the tech industry, but no one is completely sure why unions never caught on (both in the good times and the bad). I can think of any number of reasons – starting with the way unions are perceived, and how they’re often organized is somewhat opposite to the way most high tech workers think about their jobs. That makes it a lot less appealing. I think for unionizing to succeed, it would have to take on a very different form than it currently does.

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Comments on “So Much For High Tech Unions”

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alternatives() says:

Its is simple - what is in it for me

Associations allow for lower rates on other services, like insurance, lawyers, etc.

If a ‘union’ had such, I might consider them also. But no union is going to be able to bargin on my belalf for better working conditions/hours/pay. Why? Because I set myself up for long hours, lousy pay (on some jobs) and the occational crappy client.

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