Online Pizza Wars

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We’ve made fun of the idea of a pizza portal for ordering pizza online (twice actually – not counting making fun of the ability to order pizza wirelessly). However, it appears to be a popular concept. Papa Johns Pizza is now advertising that they are the first pizza place to have all of their pizza places online. Other pizza places let you order online – but not from all their shops. Who said e-commerce wasn’t going anywhere?

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Comments on “Online Pizza Wars”

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Lee says:

It is a good idea

Of course the web site should be “done right”, just like a pizza should be done right, but to me ordering on line is a good idea.

If I visit the web site I can see all the specials, the options and I probably won’t be placed on hold as could be had I telephoned in the order.

As to market share. My city has a population of 1.5 million and most of the big pizza chains utilize commercial kitchens to prepare delivery orders. True, a web based ordering system probably wouldn’t be viable for the small operation.

However, pizza from the big chains usually suck when compared to the small neighborhood businesses.

Anonymous Coward says:

Didn't Sun have this...

…I believe it was called pizzatool.

A friend who worked at their Mt. View facilities used it to order pizza for those late night coding fits in the mid 80’s.

I believe that it interfaced to FAX, so the local pizza joint didn’t need to have any special equipment or technology (no web page ecommerce database back-end required).

…you know, it’s amazing just how much the past gets reinvented every day.

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