Good Web Design Minus Jakob Nielsen

from the this-must-be-a-first dept

Okay, so it’s a slow news Friday, and I just thought I’d point out the following news article about good web design that does not mention or quote Jakob Nielsen. I think that’s a (very good) first. It seems that every news organization feels the need to at least mention him any time there’s an article on web design.

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Comments on “Good Web Design Minus Jakob Nielsen”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

They should have mentioned Jacob Nieson.

If they had known about Jacob Nieson, then maybe then they wouldn’t have made such idiotic claims. “EarthLink is tough to beat for its user-friendly interface” uuuhhhhhh…. what? That is a complete load of horse shit. The Earthlink website is a confusing mess of links. It is one of the worst ISP web sites I have ever seen. There are like 5 different “main” support pages and you never know if the one you’ve found is the one that affects your account.

These fucking idiots need to

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