Apple Not Thinking Different Enough

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Well, this post won’t help my reputation among the Mac fanatics here, but it’s a good Business Week article about why Apple’s new iMac isn’t as big a deal as they advertised. Sure, it’s nice. And, yes, it will probably sell a lot. However, for Apple to grow, they really need to start thinking beyond the Mac. The writer points out that the iPod “Mac-only” strategy was silly and is likely to hold Apple back. If they were really “thinking different”, they would realize that the Mac shouldn’t be the center of their world any more.

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Comments on “Apple Not Thinking Different Enough”

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Lee says:

I disagree

It is a no brainer that Windows is a crappy, virus ridden, kludge.Eventually even the most clueless Windows user will get tired of wrestling with their operating system and other software. Apple may have only 5 percent of the market, but it is the top 5 percent.

Business Week? Yeah, they are a good source of advice. We are in an economic depression, PC makers for most are in trouble, but Apple made money this year.

mhh5 says:

Re: I disagree too...

What else does apple have other than their OS? Of course they have to make Mac-only hardware. The only non-Mac strategy that I think is reasonable is for Apple to develop software for PC hardware. But if they want to sell hardware, they should stick to hardware that supports their software. Otherwise, Apple is just Dell or IBM. Apple’s bread and butter is their software, and they have to support it with hardware. And since no one else makes Apple-compatible hardware, it would be foolish for them to dilute their own marketshare.

gogo says:

Re: Re: Re: I disagree too...

My friend, you are sorely mistaken. Apple’s 5% of the market is the top 5%…without Apple technology, Music, Movies and all other forms of media would be different if they even existed at all. Mac’s may not be for everyone, but they are the machine of choice for the digital artist because, frankly, there is no other choice…Windows just dosen’t cut it.

Mayor Quimby says:

Oh Please!

Did Business Week dredge up an OLD story, this kind of stuff has been said about Apple for years.

If Apple went to the Windows OS they could not afford to innovate. They would have to produce the cheapest hardware to compete with the other cheap hardware makers.

Windows would not evolve much past its current point, there wouldn’t be much reason.

TommyBoy (user link) says:

Apple makes Macintoshes

BusinessWeek does seem to resent that Apple won’t follow its sage advice, the same tired refrain over and over. Of course ALL pc makers should just make Windoze machines. That’s the biggest market. What first year MBA student would tell you NOT to differentiate, if the market was actually users of PCs, not just users of Windoze PCs?

Mac-only is the way of Apple, and, correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t S.J. built the company, grown it, revived it, made it a staple of pop culture, over the last 20 years?

alternatives() says:

Re: Apple makes Macintoshes

>Mac only is the way of apple

Obviously you are but a babe. Because Apple BUILT the firm on Apple ][+’s.

And you are deluded if you think JOBS ‘built’ the firm. Without Woz, there would be no Apple.

When Jobs ‘built’ hardware it was a failure. Apple ///. Lisa. NeXT. Only when he took OVER someone elses’s work has Jobs had success. Pixar, Apple ][, and Jeff Raskin’s Mac.

Anonymous Coward says:


Windows/Intel machines are a commodity product. The margins are so thin that Dell makes about a nickle per machine sold. Apple would fail dismally because they don’t know how to produce in an industry that requires every thousandth of a cent to be shaved from production and sales costs. Apple can only survive by preserving its niche product, and it can only do that by depending on its OS.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Duh!

The point of all this wasn’t that they should be making Windows machines… but that they shouldn’t limit themselves to only focusing on the iMac. The suggestion was making devices like the iPod that weren’t designed just to work with the iMac – and instead turn Apple into more of a consumer electronics company, rather than just a niche computer player.

And, actually, I believe Dell’s margins are a bit better than you described. While other companies are struggling, Dell actually has done a good job keeping their costs well below others, so they can retain larger margins than other PC manufacturers.

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