Spam Getting People Angrier

from the spammers-must-die dept

The Chicago Tribune has a somewhat typical article on spam talking about how it’s getting worse, costing us more in time and money, and there doesn’t seem to be much the government can do about it. They even mention my favorite spam (I only get about 10 copies of this spam a day) concerning (as they paraphrase it) how to “increase your sexual potency by 581 percent!”. If you’ve received the real spam you know what it really says. I want to know how they’ve determined the 581%? I’ve also been getting (often at the same time) spam telling me that it can help increase my breast size 3 cups! Just what I always wanted. Anyway, I figured I’d use this as an opportunity to point out just how moronic other spammers can be. If you’re going to spam someone don’t tell them you’re going to sue them after they call you on it.

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Comments on “Spam Getting People Angrier”

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The Captain says:


You know, I have to wonder if all that is real…

I’ve suspected, but I have a hard time believing that there are people as moronic and abrasive as this Shifman guy.

If he’s for real (and I am afraid for society if he is…that we can produce idiots like him) read this…get a clue…heck get two! You’re getting them for free!


SecretSocietyProductions says:


Actually, I think over 90% of the population is that stupid…they are just so slothish and spend most of there time blogging and watching tv that we, luckily, dont have to interface with them on a regular basis. Every once in a while, a partiular dolt learns to read and write(sort of) and thats when this type of situation occurs.

“Normal is NOT sane.” – The Sane Ideas Company

Aaron Sanders says:

Fear This Guy

I had to pay out to this guy last year when he sent me an unsolicited resume. I accidentally posted it on a website and he found it. As a result, my wife left me, my dog died, and my children have changed their last name to Miller.
This unfortunate posting has ruined my life.
Sorry to hear others going through the same torture.

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