What Do You Want In A Wireless Device?

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Lots of wireless device companies are trying to design newer and different designs that can be both smaller, yet with larger, clearer screens and more functionality. However, is that what people want? It appears that different types of people want very different things out of their wireless phones, and that’s pretty damn useful to know if you’re building devices and want to target your products correctly. Somehow, though, I get the feeling that a lot of this is being done on a trial and error basis – and what eventually catches on won’t be what anyone expected to catch on.

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Comments on “What Do You Want In A Wireless Device?”

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Ryan says:

Re: The key is adaptability!

I’m still curious why phone companies haven’t opened up the guts of certain phones and allowed consumers to basically download the software that they want from the net and then onto their phones. To me that seems the ultimate in customisation, ring tones is only one of many applications that could be adjusted. To me it makes the whole exterior of the phone look like a small point in the larger customisation question. Anyone know of any more advanced phones that allow you to do this (and I’m not talking about the palm fusion phones)or any hackers that have done this ?

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