What's With All The Apple Hype

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No one ever said that Apple didn’t know how to build up hype in the press. However, they usually don’t do it like this. They usually deny anything new and then make some big “surprise” announcement. Occasionally they’ll leak a little bit (like they did with the iPod announcement) but then they risk angering those who think the products don’t live up to the hype. So why are they building up a ton of hype towards next week’s launch of… well… something? No one is really sure. However, it’s clear that the marketing folks behind the hype are enjoying the chance to make fun of all the Mac rumor sites that love to speculate on such things. Update: Okay, so I’ve been looking over the various speculation and rumors about this one going around and my favorite one (even if it’s somewhat unlikely) is that Apple is announcing that they’re buying Palm. They’ve talked about it in the past, and now they’d also be getting Be’s assets included in the deal…

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Comments on “What's With All The Apple Hype”

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mhh5 says:

silly SFGate...

If they wanted to start a rumor that might be shockingly plausible, they should have said Sony and Apple were going to merge… and speculate how apple’s digital hub strategy was all part of the ‘master plan’…

Why would apple want to be palm _now_? 1998 was a very long time ago…

My bet: apple announces LCD iMacs and/or iWalk PDA…..

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