by Mike Masnick

iPod: Hottest Item In The Holiday Market Or Will Sales iPlod?

from the demand-not-there dept

There was a lot of disappointment from people about Apple's iPod announcement last week, though the tide has been turning a bit since then. After the initial bunch of "that's all?" articles that came out, there were a bunch that said, "hey, you know, this actually does have some cool features". However, the one thing not many people can get over is the idea of spending $400 for a music player they can jog with. Many stores are saying they don't see much demand for the new iPod. Sure, there are some MacFaithfuls who are lining up, but they're not breaking down the doors. The real question is whether or not any non-Apple devotees will be looking to buy - and there doesn't seem to be much movement on that front. I still think that the longer people wait, the cheaper the iPod will get, and the more copycat, almost-as-good devices will come out.

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    Anonymous Coward, Oct 29th, 2001 @ 10:52am

    No Subject Given

    When your target market is the 74 people who use macs, you might not make it.

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    Joe Schmoe, Oct 29th, 2001 @ 12:16pm

    No Subject Given

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    Randy Dickson, Oct 30th, 2001 @ 8:27am


    As one of the '74' people who still use a mac I do see the usefulness of this product though I'd rather see the price hit 299.00 first. Hey, I get an MP3 player, a Firewire drive to store my critical documents as well as a boot image for my Computer. 299.00 is a reasonable price to pay for THAT functionality. If you only look at as an MP3 player then you don't see the true beauty of the thing. Course, would have helped if Steve made more of some of these other benefits instead of '1000 songs mantra' is was preaching to the younger consumers.

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