Universal's CD Copy Protection Doesn't Work

from the try-again dept

MP3me writes “Last Sunday, Universal Music Group announced that it is going to copy-protect all of its music CDs by mid-2002. The first UMG copy-protected CD (the soundtrack to the “Fast and the Furious” is protected by software made by Midbar. Maybe UMG needed to do more research on Midbar’s software, because just a few days after UMG released the CD, a TV show on TechTV has already figured out how to crack the copy-protection. And it’s not as hard to crack as it may seem to be.” As has been pointed out many times before, nothing is uncrackable, but it is still funny to find out just how easy it is to crack. In the meantime, I reiterate that all Universal has done is annoy its customers. They’ve done nothing to actually prevent pirating music or to help them as a business.

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