New Batteries Creating Automotive Revolution?

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An interesting article looking at the possibility of most cars moving from 12-volt batteries to 36-volt batteries. The end result is that cars would be able to power a lot more accessories (maybe even using a regular outlet), make certain systems no longer have to run off the engine, and increase fuel efficiency – all in one shot. The article also compares the differences to this idea with going towards a full hybrid model, like those Honda Insight or Toyota Prius cars you see puttering around. As long as they can make cars to use the 36 volt battery that don’t look as ugly as the current hybrids, I’m all for it.

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Comments on “New Batteries Creating Automotive Revolution?”

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msykes says:

Re: Sex!

The best car to have sex in? Maybe it’s because the car is so ugly, that if you actually manage to have a woman have sex with you in it you must really be a man!

Anyone remember the Porsche tagline from “Crazy People”? –“Porsche: Too small to get laid in, but you get laid the minute you get out!”–

Of course not true in the Bay Area, since everyone and their dog has a Boxster these days…


Oh yeah, and those Hybrid cars are ugly! What gives… the Ford Escape hybrid is a step in the right direction, just take a car that looks normal and make it a hybrid.

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