Bid For Your Entrepreneur Wife, Part II

from the she's-baaaaaaaaack dept

Ah, for the love of publicity stunts. The 24-year-old British woman entrepreneur who tried to auction her hand in marraige on eBay last week (but who had that auction killed by the powers that be at eBay) is trying again on online auction site QXL. I’m still convinced this is some sort of lame publicity stunt (which, of course, we’re helping to promote). As was pointed out in last week’s discussion about this, she’s been known to go far out for publicity stunts for her company. I still think anyone who thinks they’ve accomplished everything they’ve wanted in life except finding a husband by the time their 24 has some issues…

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Comments on “Bid For Your Entrepreneur Wife, Part II”

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Anonymous Coward says:

perhaps prostition *should* be legal...

…that way VCs could at least say they got something for their investment (other than the cheap heady thrill of being able say the owned an internet business).

At the company christmas party maybe all the employees could get a turn. If they take pictues and make a video, the company always has the option of restructing itself as a porn site.

and if they IPO… well, you get the idea.

HUH?!? says:

Britian's geek culture is this bad?

Ok, so she doesn’t have time to meet guys. Don’t they “geek” bars in Britian where she can atleast narrow down the feild?

I also have to wonder, “What kind of a wife am I getting for my hard earned money?”. This women admits that she currently doesn’t have time to put into a relationship! Who wants to get married to someone that you’ll see for what 10 hours a week? Maybe if it was years into a friendship, but how well will the unlucky winner actually get to know his wife before the .marriage bubble bursts and he’s back to catalogues looking for the perfect mail order bride again?

Also is the bid money to be considered a premarital asset? Does the winning bidder just give up the quid and live happily knowing that she’s got more than enough of a seperate nest egg to take him to the cleaners in a messy divorce?

Publicity stunt I think not, very bold con artist is more likely!

Alex I says:

Services rendered?

With an investment of this potential, I would think that her description is far too short. What does she bring to the union? What is her earning potential? What are her favorite sexual positions? Does she want children? How many? Is she healthy? Is there a history of insanity in her family?

Is this (the winning bid) all the capital investment that she expects from the bidder? or would the (two, assumedly) incomes be shared?

Does the winning bidder get to check her credentials, health, personality? When one buys a car, even a used one, one gets to kick the tires. Does she offer a test drive?

Taking only her photo and description into account, she is not worth the amounts being bid.

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