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What Venture Capitalists Are Interested In

from the anything-that-makes-them-money dept

I think it’s amusing when a group of venture capitalists get together and start talking about what they’re interested in these days. They all feel the need to spout off the same cliches venture capitalists like to talk about whenever they’re trying to sound smart. They almost sound like a real life version of this TheVC comic. They talk about being “back to basics” and how “a lot of noise has been eliminated”. They won’t invest in certain areas because “the shine is off that apple”. They’re no longer looking for “quick flips” and they’re looking at “a different notion of capital efficiency” (whereby you get less money at a much lower valuation), but that’s okay because they’re “willing to roll up [their] sleeves”. It’s the VC doublespeak game. Can you identify what they’re really saying? I’ll give you a hint: if you want money from venture capitalists, expect them to string you a long for a while, and then give you a ridiculous lowball offer, while they explain the “new realities” of the economy to you.

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