New Security Technologies Moving Forward

from the do-we-need-these? dept

It’s amazing how many companies are using September 11 as a way to push forward their “creative” solution to security issues. Remember steganography? That “horrible” technology that was (supposedly) letting terrorists send secret messages hidden in pictures of Britney Spears? Well, guess what? It can be used for good, too. Some company has come up with a steganographic system that will allow you to hide a barcode within an image. Thus, as your photo ID, might include identifying information hidden within the image – making it more difficult to make fake IDs. If that’s not good enough for you, we can all finally be like “Captain Cyborg” (as the Register likes to call Kevin Warwick) and implant chips into our bodies. How exciting (where are my sarcasm tags?). Soon, by flexing your left bicep, you too will be able to open your garage door. I can’t wait.

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