Playboy Playmates On Your Mobile Phone

from the ain't-it-always-about-the-porn? dept

People are still looking for the “killer app” for wireless, and some folks over at Playboy think it’s the same “killer app” for other mediums: porn. Yup, soon (for a “small” fee, of course) you’ll be able to download pictures of Playboy playmates to your mobile phone. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the appeal of this? While porn may have it’s time and place, I don’t think it’s staring down at your mobile phone’s terrible quality screen trying to make out what the hell you’re looking at as you ride the bus to work each day… Yes, I’m sure screens will get better, but I still don’t see why people will be so desperate to stare at naked people, that they’ll have to download pictures of them to their mobile phone. Update: Well, if you look your mobile porn slightly more clothed, it appears that Britney Spears is starting her own wireless fan club where you can get fashion tips from the barely clad one herself, as well as journal entries, contests, and a chance to win backstage passes. They expect people to pay for this. As the article points out, millions of prepubescent girls or older folks who really (no, really) need to get a life just might.

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