A Profitable Dot Com?

from the really? dept

A NY Times article about how eUniverse is a profitable dot com run by a scrappy young entrepreneur without much investment. The details of the story are a little sketchy, and it really sounds like he has moved from one scam to the next to keep bringing in more money. Anyone who plans to open a site to sell ink toner cartridges (the subject of so many spam messages) has to be questionable in my book. This is a guy who opened up an “investment” bank in his dorm room and through unsolicited pitches convinced companies to hire him to raise money for them. While I admire the resourcefulness, he hasn’t done much to build any sort of sustainable business, and instead relies on his ability to be one step ahead of where the money might be. So far, he’s been very good at it, but sooner or later those things have a way of catching up.

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