AOL Banking On Broadband

from the who-have-they-been-talking-too? dept

I guess I can understand why a company like AOL would say their future depends on broadband, but it does make you wonder what reports they’ve been reading. Just about every company that has based their business model on requiring broadband has died. Consumers are pissed off and some are leaving broadband behind (though, I’m not sure I really believe those reports myself). I wonder how much of this statement was just them trying to sound visionary, and how much was reality. I don’t deny that eventually we’ll have broadband in the home, but I’d be worried about anyone relying on that fact in any sort of defined time frame.

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Comments on “AOL Banking On Broadband”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Not particularly visionary...

I don’t think saying our home connections are going to get faster, and this will be a good thing is a particularly searing unconventional insight.

Everyone wants the fastest connection they can get into their house. Duh. Once we have a faster connection, we can stuff more & better stuff down it. Duh.

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