Consumers Want A Single Bill

from the but-will-it-happen? dept

When I first signed up for AT&T@Home from AT&T Broadband, I asked them to combine it with my cable bill, which is also provided by AT&T Broadband. It’s the same company… so, it should be the same bill. AT&T disagreed and told me such a thing was impossible. Of course, they used to offer such a thing, but at some point they decided it was too expensive. Maybe they should have done some market research. It appears that consumer really prefer to get everything on a single bill and often make buying decisions on that criteria alone.

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Comments on “Consumers Want A Single Bill”

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mike says:

it's impossible

yes, it’s impossible.

I’ve heard similar comments, “oh, the computer won’t let us do that.”
what an absurd thing to say. Did the computer program itself?

hey! maybe this explains much of the behavior of Microsoft in the last few years… viruses.. um, I mean, MS applications, were limiting what a person could and couldn’t do as a matter of policy.

certainly, people couldn’t have made decisions. Like the poster suggested, maybe someone (the computer I think) decided it was too expensive, and promptly made it impossible (like playing DVD’s on stock w2k) 😮


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