The Never Hired

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There have been (of course) plenty of stories about people who have been laid off and are having difficulty finding a new job, but what about the never hired recent college graduates? They’re finding a very different job market (especially in Silicon Valley) than what they expected when they entered college four years ago. There’s an incredible story in the article about Trilogy rescinding their offers to college grads after putting on the full court press in recruiting them. Anyone who has any familiarity with Trilogy recruiting practices knows their process of smothering college kids with all sorts of attention to sucker them into signing. It used to be the only way to get a job at Trilogy was to be in college. They would brag about how they never hired experienced people who were too set in their ways. So, now this article has a quote about how they rescinded their offers to students – because they’re only looking for experienced hires. How the times have changed…

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Comments on “The Never Hired”

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Randall Gooding (user link) says:

Will work for Internet Access ...

As a soon to be grad of a small tech school ( ) who DESPERATELY needs to find an externship in order to fullfill my requirements for an Associates degree, I can sympathise with my fellow IT newbies … I’ve spent the past two years giving up freedom, income, & many other things in order to pursue schooling so that I too could assure myself of a decent career and an opportunity to advance. With over 200+ resumes out there and countless attendances at ” career fairs ” & interviews with the ” techno-pimps ” I’m about ready to give up and continue selling real estate and bartending. Could somebody please tell me why we have a need to import technology workers when there are so many of us ( with school loans to repay ) who are willing and able to work ? Consider this an online plea potential employers ! See resume below —>>>

R. Randall Gooding
York, PA USA
Seeking an IT related position for an organization that fosters teamwork, excellence and professional development where prior skills in administration, sales, and management may be utilized to mutually benefit both employer and employee.
* 10/93 – Present – Bathon Real Estate, Inc. – IT Manager / Realtor – Spring Grove, PA

Promoted – 10/98 to: Salaried IT Manager. Duties: Computer access for Proprietary MLS service & tax record database, Installation, maintenance, & Upgrade of computer systems and software, Digital image manipulation, Staff training, PBX phone system.

*10/93 – 10/98 Self employed Realtor. Duties: List properties for sale, Advertising, Facilitate communication between buyers & sellers, Negotiate contracts, Client/customer relations, Prepare legal documents, Escrow & business accounts, Closing the sale.

* 09/89 – 8/93 – Children’s Developmental Center – Speech Therapists Assistant / Resident Staff – Abbottstown, PA

Promoted – 11/91 to: Speech Therapists Assistant. Duties: Facilitate communication, Teach American Sign Language to staff & clients, Daily documentation of progress, Governmental compliance issues.

* 9/89 – 8/91 Resident Staff for mentally retarded adults. Duties: Client personal care, Activities of daily living & Life skills, Daily documentation.

* 10/86 – 8/89 – Food Service East, Inc. – Administrative Assistant / Bartender – Hanover, PA

Promoted – 11/88 to: Administrative Assistant for ” The Cannery Press ” Division of Food Service East, Inc. Duties: Direct sales, management of staff, Purchasing & ordering, hiring, scheduling of jobs, accounting, telephone sales, Calling on established client/customer base.

* 10/86 – 11/88 Bartender for ” Patty & John’s Restaurant ” division of Food Service East, Inc. Duties: Drink preparation & service, hosting, private functions, Cash & charge accounts, accounting, deposit of daily totals, supplies ordering.

Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access – 4+ yrs exp,
Microsoft – 3.1/95/98/NT/2000 – 6+ yrs exp, HTML / Web design – 6+ yrs exp,
Adobe PhotoShop & MGI Photo Suite – 4 yrs exp,
Sales – Real Estate & Property – 8 yrs exp,
Sales – Goods & Services – 5+ yrs exp,
Data Processing / Proprietary MLS – 8 yrs exp,
Reception Desk / Telephone – 10 yrs exp,
Visual Basic 6.0 – 1 yr exp,
American Sign Language – 3 yrs exp.

*10/00 – current – York Technical Institute – York, PA – Focus on achieving my Associate Degree for Computer Systems Specialist. 18-month program – current GPA 3.3

*09/93 – Institute of Real Estate Studies – York, PA – Achieved Pennsylvania Realtor License for conducting real estate transactions.

*05/86 – Hanover High School – Hanover, PA – Received my high school Diploma with a focus on business courses of study.

10/93 – present. Member of The National Association of Realtors, Member of Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, Member of The York & Adams Counties Board of Realtors.

Additional Information:
* 10/00 – 6/01 Additional Part-time work-study for York Technical Institute to supplement my current educational expenses. Duties: Filing, Word processing, database entry, Advertisement review, Mail, Copying, & other miscellaneous duties as needed.

* 3-month externship required to complete Associates Degree

* Willing to travel for career as required.

* References available upon request.

* Please e mail for full Reume with references.

Thanks kindly !

supabeast says:

Dropouts rock ya world!

This sort of situation makes me SO glad I dropped out of college. Two years into college I dropped out and got a tech job, and then another, and at this point am a system administrator with two years experience. Even in this economy, I started a new job one month after my last employer laid me off. On top of that, employers are usually more than happy to pay some educational expenses, so I get to finish my degree cheap.

My friends who stayed in college, however, are SCREWED. They now have craploads of student loans, and a degree that employers care nothing about in a bear market.

The downside for me? I still want to complete my degree, which means dealing with school at nite and on weekends, and not being able to go to the best University around. But it sure as hell beats living with my parents and working retail!

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