Chinese Is The Future Of The Net

from the English-what? dept

Who says English is the langauge of the internet? Time to start signing up for classes on how to surf in Cantonese, as Chinese is the predicted language leader on the internet in five years. Of course, hopefully, by then things like Babel Fish will work well enough that we ignorant English yakkers won’t have any problems reading sites in other languages.

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Comments on “Chinese Is The Future Of The Net”

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todd says:


abso-fucking-lutely absurd. 15% of the world’s population, sure, but 1% of aggregate domestic product and the lowest internet penetration numbers of any nation at that level of GDP.

Oh yeah, now I read the article a bit more: put out by the ITU. That braintrust shouldn’t predict anything but the demise of their weakly-established standards.

Duffman says:

Heard this years ago, sorta

When I was in high school (5 years ago or so), I was encouraged to take Japanese and/or Chinese and/or Mandarin (etc), as they would become the languages to know for almost anything, especially business, once I finished university. I didn’t, I may sometime in the future, but for me, this prediction follows the same route most predictions follow – believe it when I see it.

Tech 'N Artist says:

Considering the spam they put out

It seems that about 80% of the spam I get, well Spam Cop filters it out, comes through .cn servers.

China should have an intranet, not an internet. Cut the damn phone cables out of China and give other tin pot countries a chance to make money from hosting spam services.

Well, I feel better now.

mhh5 says:

I'm the first...

to criticize reports that extrapolate rates of growth that make ludicrously misleading statements like: “at their current growth rate, Mormons will become the world’s dominate religion by 2015″… However, while I don’t think we’ll be speaking Chinese that soon, I do think globalization will have an increasing effect on us. And it might make sense that Chinese would creep up more than other romance languages since people who speak other romance languages often also speak english, while Chinese speakers may or may not convert to english…. These are all huge extrapolations, so grains of salt must be taken daily.

Canadian in China daily reader says:


You can if you want… but brushing up on your
Putong Hua (People’s Lanuage) will get you alot
futher since it’s the official language of China.
Not Yue or Guandong Hua (Cantonese).

As to all the good news being censored? Fei Hua!
Sure I miss out on CNN from the net, but it comes
in off the bird, same with BBC. However as a
Canadian , I enjoy my Pluse24 and the Toronto
Star online mei you wen ti! For the Americans is still wide open for CNN
highlights that’s easier on the eyes.

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