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New Watermarking Tech Traces Pirates

from the privacy-schmivacy dept

Already annoyed at copy-protection technology that doesn’t let you do simple things with content? Just wait until you see the next level of anti-piracy technology which may include a feature that will track copies back to you. The people behind the technology say (as they always do) that if you obey the law, you’ll have nothing to worry about… It’s amazing how hard content companies work at making sure you can’t actually use their content.

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Comments on “New Watermarking Tech Traces Pirates”

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Flip says:

Copyright bias

Trying being a content provider and make a living off it, then have an overseas corporation make thousands off it while you collect nothing, not very pleasent. And to boot, not only do you have to prove the copryright but you need a league of lawyers to do anything about it. New Copryright technology look out for the little man just as much as they work for the big corporations.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Copyright bias

Yes, but it doesn’t look out for the user, who wants to do completely legitimate things with it. This argument is old, we’ve done it before, so I won’t rehash it here. However, companies that rely on copyright law to make money are not being very creative, and they’ll suffer more in the long term, than companies that understand how information works, and how to really profit off of it, without relying on an outdated law or buggy technology.

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