Microsoft Should Pay Cash

from the none-of-this-software-valued-at-crap dept

Apple is making a very reasonable argument that instead of giving “$1 billion worth of software” to poor schools, Microsoft should just pony up the cash. As it stands, giving away that software obviously won’t actually cost Microsoft $1 billion (in fact, it will cost them next to nothing) – and, actually, helps them out quite a bit since it would help to push others (such as Apple) out of the education market. Whoever thought this was a “punishment” for Microsoft needs to have their head examined.

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Comments on “Microsoft Should Pay Cash”

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mhh5 says:

yeah but...

if people are stupid enough to think the original MS offer was fair, they might just spend that cash on MS software anyways and then MS won’t even have to provide as much software b/c schools will have to buy MS products at “market value”…. what a great deal!
And I have no idea how a donation (no matter how generous or not) to public schools has anything to do the settlement of an anti-trust suit. It sounds like bribery, in which case, they should demand MS to build school buildings and increase teacher salaries while they’re at it….

mike says:

Just doesn't make sense

this whole settlement is ludicrous.

to think that asking MS to donate software to school would be a penalty is absurd. It would benefit them entirely, and serve as a substantial penalty to other companies ( … like apple).

furthermore, its arrogant to suppose that schools want this software. Many schools are already far down the path of integrating open source solutions, or other solutions ( … like apple).

I agree with other (unnoticed dissentors), whoever thought up this settlement needs to have their head examined.


nosmoking says:

The Houdini Act

If Microsoft had been around when Harry was wowing ’em, we’d be now calling it the Gates Act. Here’s more food for thought. “Pushing Apple” is only a small part of the picture. Drug pushers build business by giving away free samples until the mark is hooked. Then the goodies are supplied at an enormous profit. What Microsoft has done is turn this concept into a legitimate business model. Artificially create the need; make sure the punters can’t do without it; then hit ’em in the wallet. Works best on young kids at schools.

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